1. L

    Photos & Videos Duff Goldman, Food Network baker bear

    I've always thought he was hot. He's a stout little straight bear who's not afraid to take his shirt off. Recently he started an Instagram for exercise posts (beefcakecookie) and it's full of daddy bear thirst pics and videos.
  2. B

    Brae(braecz) | YouTuber

    Just saw him on youtube. Age 20 He's hot and cute ngl. He's also an inspiration to many.
  3. J

    Loving everybody except my body

    Hey guys I'm still fairly new to this site but wanted to start a discussion and see if anyone had any advice or maybe even resonated with this post. I'm a 21 year old black kid thats a dancer and I workout pretty often from time to time. I used to be extremely active a few years ago which was...
  4. T

    Who is this hot boy?

    Does anyone know this hottie? and i wanna see him nakedn
  5. D

    Need help losing a massive amount of weight.

    Hello everyone, I need to lose a lot of weight before my 12th 29th birthday in August 2023. I'm not trying to add muscle as this fat ass Chevy Tahoe body has to go. Height: 5'7 (short as hell. I know) Current Weight: 275lbs Goal Weight: 150lbs I have been 150lbs before so I know what I will...
  6. M

    Marco Estrada

    Marco Estrada from Southern California is hella sexy. His IG: circuitring_marco I am in lust with this man. I want to see him naked. I know he is good in bed. What do y’all think??
  7. 1

    Lower Belly Fat

    Looking for some advice here. I was always a skinny kid and now as an adult I’ve become “skinny fat” where I’m mostly skinny but have an unfortunate spare tire around my mid section that sticks out. I’m not exactly an active person and try to eat fairly healthy. Any advice on diet and exercise...
  8. Footman29

    Tips On Losing Some Fat Without Losing Weight?

    I’m 5’8”, 140 lbs, blessed with a good metabolism and I’ve always lost weight faster than gaining it (which has always made women angry at me haha). I used to go to the gym a lot before kids, and always had trouble gaining/keeping muscle but always ran into the issue of losing too much weight...
  9. B

    Favourite Follow Along Workout Videos

    With gyms being closed during lockdown, I am sure many of you have also been turning to home workouts to stay active, sane, and attempt to do some damage control from all that comfort eating (I know I am guilty of that). I have been doing a few follow-along workouts on YouTube and have been...
  10. 4

    Isn't It Gratifying Getting Randomly Complimented On Your Body?

    Now when I ask this, it could mean someone hitting on you, or just so one simply acknowledging what they see. Doesn't feel good to have your fitness goals complimented? I was at work the other day, you know doing this thing everybody does called working. Then the goofy ass manager that came to...
  11. 4

    What's The Most Challenging Exercise You've Every Tried To Do?

    I see there's a lot of folks into fitness, so I figured I'd ask what is the toughest exercise you attempted? Did you ever complete it? As far as me, obviously I take a lot of pride in sustaining my abs and building on them every way I can. I explore all kinds of different ab exercises that will...
  12. 4

    Any Guys Exercise In Crop Tops?

    Just wondering if I'm the only one who exercises in crops tops? I definitely do. It's part of my brand, lol.
  13. 4

    What Do You Think About Vascularity?

    I have a little vascularity on my arms I have on long vein the runs down the side of my ribs and abs when I've worked my abs a lot. And I have some in the V areas. I don't want to be all veined up though, me personally. Does that matter ago anybody, or do you like having that?
  14. 4

    Are Abs A Must In Your Fitness Goals

    I know we see all these vids and promotions about how to "slim down belly fat and get that six pack you've been dreaming off." I wanted to know how many of you actually view abs as a must-have in your fitness agenda. For me, YES, lol. It's like apart of me, it's my trademark. Some of you have...
  15. 2

    Video Help Finding An Archived Version Of A Deleted Foot Worship Clip?

    Twitter / Account Suspended Can anyone advise me on how to find an archived version of this? Perhaps there's a tumblr archive somewhere? Perhaps there is a thumbnail of this video still available somewhere that I can use...?Thoughts? Or...maybe someone might recognize the clip (video...
  16. TrueB2


    What are your thoughts on creatine? Do you take it and if so for how long? P.S. To all of you working hard...keep going, keep training, keep improving!
  17. TrueB2


    I did my first 20 minute-Straight jog the other day! I'm pretty proud of myself, especially because I could barely do a 5 minute jog at the beginning of the year. I feel unstoppable!!! Until next time... How many people here jog and how often?
  18. TrueB2

    Favourite Muscles To Work

    For those of you that workout/exercise, what is your: 1. Favourite muscle group to work? 2. Favourite exercise? 3. Least favourite muscle group to work? 4. Least favourite exercise? For me it would be 1. Chest 2. One-Legged Pushups 3. Legs 4. Planks
  19. deepvoicedan

    Exercise And Size Thoughts

    Two things that I think about most times I'm at the gym or showering after a run: 1) does everyone have trouble with rowing machines and their balls being squashed or are mine bigger than most? 2) why does my cock shrivel up when I do exercise?!