1. HimboJerk

    It's getting warmer...

    Spring is here and my loins are on fire. Bon appétit, fam!!
  2. HimboJerk

    Hey fam! HimboJerk here. Let's pump each other UP!! :o)

    Hey there, fam! HimboJerk here. Just thought I would take the plunge and finally surrender to my inescapable kinks that have haunted me since puberty as a sexual (semi-)introverted gay male. Even in my 40s, I still get a guilty pleasure out of drawing silly toons about crazy muscle & monster...
  3. ManTubeula

    Coregasm 2024 (a gym story)

    most recent... racking the leg press.. Already so thick and heavy in my shorts, I couldn't find a comfortable place for my package the entire set.. Quads were already tight, pumped and honestly, maybe I enjoy wearing shorts that are form fitting (to show off a bit). Each of my last reps were...
  4. ILoveMusclesSoMuch

    Any muscle dudes into growing bigger?

    I was wondering if any muscle guys/gym bros, natty or not would like to have a horny hypeman lust over them and motivate them? So I'm not a muscle dude, but I'm obsessed with witnessing guys get bigger and more muscular overtime. I once came into contact with a 48 year old weightlifter online...
  5. D

    Macro Story : New Kind of Collection

    Many peoples likes to collect stamps or miniature vehicles or even trading cards... But this story is about a other kind of collection... Sorry if there are some mistakes, hope you will enjoy this story. It's a really hot day, on the construction site, dozens men working actively but one...
  6. G


    does anyone have Bigthortite content?
  7. Gainerboy

    (M4M) South African looking for sponsor - grow my muscle

    (M4M) South African, normal everyday dude, honest and friendly. I don't party and I'm discreet. I live in Johannesburg, South Africa with a flexible work schedule and open to travel when required. Is there anyone who would sponsor, coach and commit to following my Skinny to muscle...
  8. M

    Sitommi From Instagram

    Hey all does anyone know more about this amazinh guys only fans that he advertises ?!? Also his photos on Instagram are just amazing !! He’s gigantic !
  9. B

    You should follow... Hugehungyogi

    I've been a member of LPSG since nearly the beginning, starting as a lurker and then slowly making aquaintance with some of the most incredible, hung men in the world. I thought it would be fun to highlight a few here and there who I believe should be celebrated. My first choice is someone who...
  10. D

    Penis Pump For Beginner

    Does anyone have any recommendations for penis pumps for a beginner? Did my measurements today and I got: LENGTH: 7 in GIRTH: 5.5 in BALLS: 8 in (if that matters, went around thickest part of balls) If anyone has any advice, tips or suggestions please let me know!
  11. Durhurman

    Nc Trainer Or Virtual Accountability Buddy

    Hey folks! I live in Durham NC and am trying so hard to grow more. I'm noticing great changes but might have hot a plateau. Ive never used a personal trainer but really want to find a great bodybuilder that's ambitious about lifting and willing to help me cross this hill. Or at least a good...
  12. D

    Actual Healthy Penis Enlargement, But The Pills Don't Go Down Easy.

    There is an actual way to enlarge your cock. Here is my story, I used to be only 6 inches long, now I'm a respectable 7.5 inches. REAL measurement with no pressing into the fat pad. (verification post coming soon) but you can see my pics on my profile page until then. I'm going to do a...
  13. O

    Nectar Of The Gods

    The following is a story I recently started, but that I had in mind since a couple of years ago. The idea may be a bit niche, but I like the concept, and there's a prequel to it that I will write at a later date. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!
  14. Dream Big

    My Quarantine Get In Shape Plan

    I’d moved into the condo a few weeks ago, and i liked the neighborhood. More importantly, I liked the neighbors. I’d finally got the job I’d been looking for, and was about 4 months into it — just past the trial period — and I was doing really well. Well enough to finally upgrade my shitty...
  15. Dream Big

    Hamid And The New Normal

    Hamid was, it must be said, not a bad boy at all. He was inclined to be kind, by nature, and he was polite by training. He was, however, not a wise boy, nor a particular clever one. He wasn’t bad looking, it must be said, but he lacked a certain air of confidence for reasons that will soon...
  16. S

    Husskoni (patreon/husskoni)

    Hi! Does anyone have the full videos of Husskoni! Loving his latest video but would love to see the complete video!
  17. Dream Big


    “Hey, you alive? You awake?” My head was pounding, and awareness came slowly. I had the distinct impression that the voice had been talking for a while. “Whazza?”. Best I could manage. I couldnt see, not yet. “Oh, cool. You made it, that’s great,” the voice said. The voice had a...
  18. Dream Big

    Just A Little Bigger

    “I wish I were bigger,” I said, aloud. I’d thought it before, of course. Many times. Being bullied for being the scrawny kid from kindergarten through graduation. At my 17the birthday, I was the second shortest guy in the room, and the skinniest. By the time my 18th hit, it seemed like nothing...
  19. L

    Be Bigger 2020

    Hey posting a new thread and album for commentary and support in reaching 2020 body goals. So drop buy check in on me or post pics to compare and motivate!
  20. Dream Big

    Hey, Buddy...

    “Hey, buddy!” I hadn’t recognized the number, but for some reason the ring seemed familiar. It made no sense, but I just picked up without thinking, something I never do. It was usually a robocall these days, with the shouting Chinese lady or the vacation sales lady or the credit offers. But...
  21. MhnStallion

    Bathmate - Where To Buy?

    Hey all! I've been interested in the bathmate for a long time; it looks fairly effective and I love the idea of increased flaccid hang. I've got some extra cash right now and was thinking about buying one, but I'm not sure where to buy it! There are tons of different options online and I don't...
  22. UnCutBlackBull925

    Got My Cock Rings Today

    Cock rings came in today. Now what’s next? Thanks
  23. Dream Big

    Skin tight

    Mark Prentice, boy genius. That’s what the article said when I was seventeen. Pretty much guaranteed a rough ride at that point. It’s bad enough being smart sometimes — public schools in the US tend to punish that in many ways, either systematically or through inaction, like when the jocks...
  24. P

    Female progress/comparisons/transformations

    There are a couple threads on here that have specific comparisons or progressions, but how about we get one for everything that doesn't fit into those specific categories. There are a bunch for cock size, but it would be great to see comparisons about other stuff mostly centered on females...
  25. bigdickaznboy

    Looking to grow!!! need supporters!

    Hey guys! I'm committing seriously to a long term daily PE regimen to see how MASSIVE I can grow this beast... Financially, I am very limited though, so I'm hoping for benefactors to support me in my growth! I'm already huge, but I've always had a fetish for growth... there's no limit to how...
  26. S

    Expansion question for growers and showers

    As an extreme grower, one of the things that I really enjoy is the feeling of expansion within my cock as I grow to a full erection. There are times where I can feel the blood begin pulsing through and it is such a ongoing rush as it continues until I reach a full (and what will be a raging...
  27. 9

    Find chat partners

    Hi, I registered on this site once in the past but I haven't used this site yet. So, I came back. :) I've finished university, I've started working at a company etc. but now I have more free time. I want to start building my muscles and bulge too. I am totally beginner in both things, so I'd...
  28. Elysius_90

    We Need a Growers Thread

    The latest one I've seen is: Loni evans - fucking champ can be dangerous! - XVIDEOS.COM The best one is probably: Mandingo rails monique - XNXX.COM But there have to be others free-floating out there. Any 2011 grower videos that anyone has seen?