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    Links My Ongoing Project

    Life with a Big Penis | Brock Landers | Substack Here’s a link to my Substack on penis size and other related issues. I posted a new article earlier today. It’s personal, but also relevant to what a lot of people on this site are interested in and/or dealing with. Hope you’ll check it out!
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    New Substack Post

    Post #6: Do Women Care if You’re Hung?
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    New Member

    Hi LPSG, My name is Brock—yes, that’s obviously a pseudonym!—and I’ve recently started a Substack that may interest a number of people here. I’ll include a link to it in the “About” section of my profile page. This Substack will be written from my own perspective, so I’m not going to try to...
  4. masc4thanos

    Average and Below Average Guys: How did you make peace with your penis size and overcome envy/insecurity.

    Lately I've been experiencing some deep disdain for my penis size (I'm roughly 5-6 inches) and it's led to me having a lot of penis envy and jealously toward guys that are well-hung. It feels unfair quite frankly. It's like some guys hit the genetic lottery (big dick, great body, great face) and...
  5. C

    The Most Important Penis Size Study Ever Done!!!!

    Hey guys - I'm surprised this isn't being discussed here, but this may explain why some guys (like me) think the average penis size of 5.3 or whatever is BS and say it is at least 6 (I honestly think it is more), but apparently over the last 30 years erect penis size has GROWN approximately 24%...
  6. C

    Size Studies Underestimate Penis Size

    If you look at pretty much ANY of the "studies" about penis size a few things stand out. 1. They're usually made on guys with ED (duh the penis is going to be smaller if it isn't actually hard) and 2. the STRETCHED length is BIGGER than the ERECT length - suggesting that the participants...
  7. M

    Those That Had A Late Growth Spurt In Early 20's

    I've measured myself few years ago, when I was 18 and I was just shy of 5.8 inches. Now, at 21, measured up last month at 6.4x5.2 erect size, 4.7 flaccid size. I did the same thing out of curiosity today and observed that I am 6.6x5.2. Those who had a late growth spurt in their early 20's, how...
  8. Leobakker

    Poll: Erect Penis Size Bone Pressed (bpel)

    What’s your Bone Pressed Erection Length (bpel) mates? Let us now!!! Poll: Erect Penis Size Bone Pressed (bpel) And write down your girth in the comments. Already 426 guys filled in the poll! Much thnx!
  9. J

    My Comment About John Holmes' Actual Dick Size Got Deleted From This Video

    I don't know if this is the right place to post this, apologies if it's not, but folks I left a comment on this video: because in the video, they claim that John Holmes was 13-14 inches. So I replied to that saying some shit like "Unless the girls he did porn with had hands that dwarved NBA...
  10. J

    How Big Is This Guy?

    Robben's personal page Found this guy, I think it's safe to say he's frauding his size by some amount considering how weird the angles of the measurement/comparison pics are but the question is how much is he frauding? Those seem like pretty ridiculously big numbers even by frauding standards...
  11. C

    Sex, Size And (the) Feminine Take

    basically videos of women talking about sex, size preferences etc. can be sfw, nsfw, educational, instructional etc. It's Not Length That Matters. It's Time to Talk About Girth Sex, Lies, and Videotape
  12. 1

    Online Cock Contest And Visualization

    Hi all, Hope this is the right forum to post this. I thought I’d put my data visualizations skills to some mischievous use and do an online Cock Compare comparison with anyone that wants to take part. Just fill out this quiz - Cock Size Survey - and your data will automatically get added to the...
  13. AngelEmOr

    Still Looking To Phone On Skype Lol

    I still haven’t found anyone to phone with via Skype. my Skype handle is: Angel A Hopefully someone is up for it now. :)
  14. Lynx

    Penis Equality?

    Hello LPSG'rs! I'd like your thoughts on this: Imagine if every guy on earth had the exact same size penis and we all knew it. Would anything be different? Would there be less envy, jealousy, cheating? Would we all be happier? Or, would we just find another way to "compete"; ear size, foot...
  15. D

    State Your Length, Girth, Width (flaccid & Erect Size) & Volume

    I know many of you have answered some of these in some form or another in other threads but I wanted a more comprehensive look at how much bigger (if any), our LPSG community is than average. For this reason, the poll really only looks to differentiate what percentage of members are bigger than...
  16. AussieBoy24

    Penis Size Perception Survey

    If anyone feels like having a say it would be awesome, share with any ladies you know aswell ao we get a fair representation. :) Penis Size Perception
  17. A

    I Think I Want To Quit Pe.

    I've been obsessed with trying to grow my penis for over 10 years now, hell I even kept a paper journal when I started. I've been getting depressed lately, in a funk. I've done everything I could think of from pumping to pills to jelqing to weird stuff. I believe I've stayed about the same size...
  18. DGH123

    Is This A Monster Medium Or Mini Girth?

    Title says it all Please be honest since I can't get any clear answers
  19. Thenialrivera91

    My Personal Journey

    This post is a public invitation for encouragement from anyone reading this. I grew up not liking my body a lot. From my weight, to my skin, to even my penis size when I was younger, I looked in the mirror with disgust. It wasn't a matter of comparing myself to others, just random self-hatred...
  20. Leobakker

    Poll: Erect Penis Size Bone Pressed (bpel)

    Hi guys! This poll will probably have been made in the past, but I could not find it so quickly. There are many new members every day, so it might be nice to do the poll again. What is your erect penis lenght, measured from your pubic bone? Bone Pressed Erection Lenght (BPEL) Maybe you also...
  21. P

    Penis Enlargement Manchester Uk

    Hey guys Not sure where to post this but I love cock pumping and all forms of penis enlargement. Curious if there are any UK guys in or near Manchester who pump or have had enlargments or silicone or saline who would be up to chat and maybe meet. Cheers
  22. M

    Penis Compared To Girl's Foot

    If anyone could share a photo or video showing a comparison between a girls foot and a penis, that would be great I use to measure my bfs penis with my foot and I kinda liked it
  23. S

    I Have A Suggestion For The Repeated Penis Size Posts

    I found years ago that if you want true, unbiased opinions on dick size, lookup dildo reviews on maybe the suggestion could curb the unwanted posts?
  24. E

    Routine E For Stamina

    I’ve posted this question before without much help. Does anyone have a routine they have used to help with premature ejaculation?? I can cum in a few pumps when having sex.. I usually take Kratom or other drugs during sex to make it enjoyable for my girl but I’m tired of having to rely on...
  25. UnCutBlackBull925

    Trt - Penis Size Gains?

    Question does TRT(testosterone replacement therapy) helps with penis size and growth. I was given photo proof - I will post when I make it home Here’s a humorous but informative video
  26. J

    Struggling To Understand

    Hi there I'm new here, nice to meet everybody. I was reading an article about condom size yesterday, no particular reason it just popped up on Flipboard. What ensued doesn't make sense to me. Apparently I need to use large condoms. I've always felt at best average, but dealt with insecurities...
  27. nub_dick_grower

    Photo Size lined up to us dollar from r/sizecomparison

    Dollar Challenge w/credits v9 : sizecomparison People here should participate!
  28. C

    Female penis size preference

    If you were a male and you could pick your penis size to please yourself what would be the measurement? Would it differ based on Type or position? Vaginal- Anal - Oral - Missionary - Doggie - Riding - Length 1. < 5" 2. 5"-6" 3. 5"-7" 4. 7"-8" 5. > 8" Width A. < 4"\ B. 4" - 5" C. 5" - 5.5"...
  29. T

    Before and after using penis extenders with pictures if possible

    Post your experiences using penis extenders with before and after measurements and pictures . Include what extender you use . Also any supplements that help with enlargement or naturally increase test Thanks
  30. T

    Unraveling penis size

    Hey...everyone.. This is an interesting website. Please click on the link below: Unraveling Size