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size difference

  1. B

    Danny Stretches Fabian’s Hole

    Danny Stretches Fabian’s Hole is one of my favorites. Mainly because of how much I love huge, handsome, muscle man, Kevin Falk (Danny) and how his size is accentuated when compared to the much smaller AJ Irons (Fabian). But I’ve always had questions about it. Beginning around 1:37, Kevin asks...
  2. size is only a matter of opinion

    size is only a matter of opinion

  3. JayPR

    What do you consider to be a small dick?

    What do you consider to be a small penis? I am asking just to understand better people's expectations because it seems that penis size categories vary depending on who you ask. If I ask a straight guy, usually the answers vary, but it seems like someone in the 6 inches even if not considered...
  4. C

    Photos & Videos Comparing Big Trans vs Small Male

    I am amazed with so many trans (here below longmint) having so much bigger cock than some males (below myself). Longmint is almost 4x my size - while i am 2x bigger (Longmint about 130 pounds - and i am 280 pounds). I wonder if this is a new thread (at least a new variation?). Please let me know.
  5. mrtman327

    Why Do Men Tend To Be More Size-obsessed Than Women?

    This isn’t to say women can’t be size queens, obviously they can. However, I do notice that men tend to care more about dick size than women do. Maybe it’s a primal thing? What do you guys think?
  6. Badunkbadonk

    The Ambitious Hobo, Part 1 Of 3

    Riding the rails was no life for a beauty like Fred Talmadge. His face was too pretty to be covered in all that soot. Riding from Dallas to St. Louis, he shared a boxcar with a thick hunk of meat named Idaho Jones. Idaho felt protective of the pretty boy with nowhere else to go. Hobos don’t get...
  7. L

    Looking For Big Guys

    Hello. Im a short, slim guy who likes hanging out with much bigger guys - tall, muscular, hung. Submissive is a big plus. Message me on kik: hawkesclusterfuck95 or dm here Im 26, 5'7, 140 lbs.
  8. LetsTalkAboutSize

    Dick Size Is The Most Thought About Topic Ever?

    For me, 100% yes. If we’re in the same room, I’m wondering how big your dick is (and noting your shoe/hand/nose size to calculate the chances of you having a monster. If I’ve seen you to possess a monster, I’m jerking off to thoughts of at least once per week ten years later If you’re a...
  9. LetsTalkAboutSize

    Hi, I’m New & Lookin For Size-comparing Orgs/resources

    Hi all… I'm glad to join LPSG! I’m super into the topic of size difference among guys (all masculine body parts, especially the cock) & I want to know everything there is to know about it, from important/popular resources, clubs, research, statistics, related activities, experts, etc. Which...
  10. Dream Big

    Curiouser And Curiouser

    Alex looked at the bottle before him with an incredulous look on his face. Drink me was printed in near script on the sticker on the bottle. The broad-shouldered, brown haired, brown eyed college freshman was American, but he was no fool, and when his professor had offered a berth on his...
  11. Bubbleo

    Are You Into Petite Guys?

    Hey there~ i was just curious if bigger guys are interested in fucking/loving petite twinks. I personally have that kink.. i guess the desire for a much taller guy to be protective over me and make me his through brutal fucking and dominance.. What i’ve seen is that Manlier guys, tend to...
  12. S

    Of The Two Above... Whos Bigger?!

    ill starts off some
  13. 8

    Video Sph Pov

    I'm looking for people with big cocks (obviously) playing with themselves for just showing off while sph talk. Strap on stuff is fine but I can't find and really big guys doing that on video. Uaully just a quiet look at my cock as I jerk without sound on a shit quality cam lol. Is it too much to...