1. lapdog2001

    How many women have you been with had/have orgasms from vaginal sex?

    I'd be interested to hear from other straight guys as to how many women you've been with could have orgasms from actual intercourse, i.e. penis-in-vagina sex? My own sample size is 10 different women. Of them, only 2 could have orgasms from intercourse, and those were both just a singular...
  2. NicHalliwell

    Photos & Videos Men and Women from AI

    My new obsession is generating AI images of sexy men and women (of all ages)
  3. 2

    Reasons for difference between men's & women's swimsuit

    In today's age of gender equality where both men & women can (and do) wear suit & tie, jeans, pants and shirts & other clothing items, without any fear of judgement and these are totally acceptable by society ( both men & women), then how come we don't see this equality in clothing in terms of...
  4. lapdog2001

    Fuck, Marry, Kill - Woman celebrities

    Stealing the existing male thread Fuck, Marry, Kill - Male edition and creating a woman celebrity thread Just a fun game where you choose who you would fuck, marry and kill from the 3 celebs listed: I'll start: Heidi Klum Tyra Banks Kate Upton (After replying, post the next 3 celebs)
  5. 2

    Share Your ?????? Dreamwoman or Men real or unreal!

    Ok and another Thread, unfortunately I am not a Wife/Girlfriend at all. (yea still single, and still happy!) also this Thread is ok, but little bit repeating.... always the same GFs/Wifes.............I apologize to the BFs/Husbands! I am sorry! So let's see, if there are Singles or Person who...
  6. D

    Photo Tributes wanted!!!!

    Please feel free to post a tribute to me!!
  7. D

    Amateur assholes (female)

    Hey! I wasn't able to find a thread about the most wondeful thing I know - female assholes. So figured I'd start one! Hope there are other like-minded asshole lovers here! Here's my GF's asshole to start us off
  8. D

    Female amateur assholes

    Hey! I wasn't able to find a thread about the most wondeful thing I know - female assholes. So figured I'd start one! Hope there are other like-minded asshole lovers here! Here's my GF's asshole to start us off
  9. 2

    Women over 50

    I wonder if here only men over 50 or also women like me 53!
  10. huguest

    What I find amazing about Woman

    This is a woman Issue and I think They need to hear this. Woman, you are wonderful. Your my anchor in life. A men couldn't be to is fullest potential without you. I'm lucky to have my beloved half to my side. you are so kind and caring.
  11. D

    Want to cam?

    Looking for big dick guys and/or women to have some cam fun
  12. MSguy

    Photos & Videos Women with exceptional sexual attraction

    This thread is opened to collect women with an exceptional sexual attraction. All ages, origins, shown without or with partners, as picture as well as in video – all are welcome. No matter if amateur (preferred), semi-pro or pro. Erotic magnetism counts. Starting: Beatrice Segreti Beatrice...
  13. Cosgood

    Photos & Videos Gals with Glasses

    I dunno what it is, but sometimes I find glasses on ladies (and some guys!) really hot. Hopefully some of you do too and want to share!
  14. M

    The prettiest slut in the industry

    The thread is dedicated to the prettiest whores, a group of people who support large penises all entire life. LPSG by vocation. No specific criteria Only your taste
  15. D

    Straight forum

    What would you think of a forum focused on women who fantasize about big dicks? Like the "show off" section but for straight men and women where we could talk, flirt, send each other some pictures... I know there are a lot of guys who want to share with girls but only find men here. Would some...
  16. T

    Onlyfans Account Recommendation from Women

    Hi there. Im looking to get more into OnlyFans as I’ve been lonely lately and dating has been too exhausting. If any women have any recommendations, I’d love to hear them. Just looking for straight boys, young, American and relatively new or small following. Someone who’s open to maybe making...
  17. needtonut

    Nude View

    Where specifically do you go when you want to see nude people in person? Tell us the exact place. You can also mention places from your past but please tell us about current locations as well.
  18. agcs888

    ----=== Women playing with guys dicks like swards fight? THREAD ====----

    I only read of women 'sward fighting' with guys dicks, but never seen it. Anyone see such videos pls? Post them here.
  19. nileymixery

    Not longer tight - Wide Vaginas

    Hey guys, as women have to deal with the size of the penis, men have to deal with the tightness - or non tighness - of female vaginas. How tight a woman is has a direct impact on our sex life. Women with tighter vaginas need smaller penises or sex toys. Women with wider vaginas need a larger...
  20. N

    Looking for a women to own me

    Hey is there any women who's up for a ownership of a 25 year old boy from Denmark Skype live:.cid.2bb8c4703968834d Snap nikolaj2261
  21. D

    When did you seen/heard about female squirting?

    First post! I've been having this account and I really thought it was high time to make a post on this great website here after being a member for so long. Anyway, just like the title I'm really wondering on here with everyone on what was your discovery on squirting. For myself, the first...
  22. C

    Is there a difference in dating a man vs a woman?

    So I identify as a bi, cisgender man and have had relationships with women and am currently in my first one with a man. I can’t help but to think that some things are the same (need for clear communication, trust, and respect, etc.) but in other ways, I struggle to reconcile the differences (or...
  23. Tagood7

    Women Moaning Porn

    So this is a serious question. When you’re watching porn and the woman is clearly over exaggerating the moans, does this do anything for you? I know when I watch gay porn and one of the guys is doing it I want to tape his mouth shut. So tell me your thoughts please.
  24. J

    Experiences Dating Straight Women?

    Since discovering my bisexuality, I've found that in my experience girls, that identify as heterosexual wouldn't consider a bisexual man as a partner. This is both from personal involvement and from the opinions of several straight female friends I have asked. A couple reasons I heard repeated...
  25. J

    Brownskin/darkskin Women

    A Appreciation Thread For Brownskin/Darkskin Women
  26. J

    Lightskin Women

    A Appreciation Thread For Lightskin Black Women!
  27. J

    Black Women

    A Appreciation Thread For The Beautiful Women On The Planet!
  28. H

    Links Man Playing With Pussy

    This content is very relaxing for me. Are you have this kind of videos?
  29. H

    Photos & Videos Nude Brazilian Babes

    Hi again folks. After creating and posting the most hottest babes from the Geek universe, I'll decide to go real this time, and I mean real women. Since the Latinas are the most desired women of the planet, because of their spetacular bodyshape like large hips, thick thighs and of course, big...
  30. D

    Straight Man Selfsuck And Women

    I m straight and I like to show to women how selfsuck...... Not a turn on for all of them but are some of them really enjoy it and would love to help and suck it together. What is your opinion about it and have you ever do it together a man with a woman or opposite.