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  1. My Hottest Experiences

    Hooking Up With the Big Boss

    In my late 20s, I spent a year or so working for a consumer electronics retailer in the IT department. The company was a complete mess and my boss was almost never around. There was very little work to do at any given time. Shockingly, the company owners' seemed to be OK with all of this. I had...
  2. Z

    Boss’ Office

    My boss calls me into his office, and my stomach drops. He’s been in a mood all day, and I’m assuming the worst. He closes the door behind me, and then shuts his blinds, and I begin perspiring, but not in the good way . My boss is a man of a average height, but well built and muscular. His ass...
  3. Z

    Massage in the Home

    First time sharing my stories, all feedback welcome) I’m invited over to my old boss’ house. It’s spacious, it’s lavish, and it’s all for us. As I walk in, he mentions his back feels tight, and requests a massage; something I am not really confident in nor do I have any study of, but he’s hot...
  4. fireice42


    ( NOT MY STORY ) "Mr. Williams wants to meet with you at 1:30 in his office," the secretary said. "Alright, thank you for letting me know," Shaun said, as his heart raced. Shaun was an all-conference track star at his university in Houston, TX. He was also a star student with a perfect...
  5. fireice42


    ( NOT MY STORY ) I sat at my work desk chewing on the end of my pencil as I inadvertently stared into my boss's office. He wasn't in there, but if he was, I'd have a clear view of his spread open legs. He usually sat that way when he was at his desk alone, which he mostly was. Not only that...
  6. CaliBiBud

    Broken in by the boss

    My first job out of college and I was feeling great about landing a sales job at a big-name company. My friends were impressed, I had a nice apartment with my girlfriend in downtown Chicago, had some cash to blow... things were good. One day, I was standing at the urinal taking a leak and a guy...
  7. P

    Help ID?

    Does anyone know who these two guys are? Listed under “chief and serf” / “boss and serf” on various sites? :)
  8. mrblue65

    Photo Fiorenzo Auteri

    Is there anything from this boss?? His instagram profile
  9. johnnyunitas

    Lady Boss And The Well-hung Temp

    I haven't edited this at all so it's pretty rough. Enjoy! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Mary was staring up at the ceiling waiting for her alarm to go off. She was excited. She was nervous. Her husband’s snoring was nearly drowned out by the sound of...
  10. A

    Fantasy About Wife And Her Boss

    My wife’s birthday is coming up. She received a handwritten card from her skip boss (several levels above her). Apparently he is a very handsome and youngish (older than either of us) guy who regularly chats with my wife to work and discussed non-work stuff like going to the gym. She started...
  11. Matt Murray

    Sex Dreams About My Boss

    I occasionally have sex dreams about my boss. He's not necessarily unattractive, but he's also not my type. So whenever I wake up from a dream where I've had sex with him, I find myself in an odd headspace. Last night, I had a dream that he was fucking me while his wife watched, and...
  12. 4

    Hot Bosses

    So I was inspired to write this post by my boss at my new job. I started a couple months ago and the very first thing I noticed was that he had the biggest bulge in his pants. The kind of bulge that there was no way he could hide it. We wear slacks to work and the bulge is nearly bursting out...
  13. Matt Murray

    Coming Out At Work

    If this thread has already been started, I apologize, but I could not find it. I'm curious to hear about other's experiences with coming out at work. Did people treat you differently after you came out? How did you bring it up to your coworkers? Are you still in the closet with your...
  14. Jmdav34

    Worktime Play

    Sitting here at work, reading and looking at all these hot posts and I keep getting the strongest erection at work. Like I know I’m horny but damn smh. Then while I’m posting on a thread on here my damn boss whom I’ve recently seen naked wants to talk and all I can think about is that cock and...