1. Elijahpark

    Hi! I’m new here!

    Am I your type?
  2. hokejka19

    Ice hockey

    Hi there, I am just curious how many Ice hockey players or fans are here on LPSG! Also interested from which country. For me it is the best sport ever and I am proud of my parents to let/push/try me play ice hockey since I was 5. I am pretty sure that's all around ice hockey keep me healthy...
  3. CreamEggOmlette

    Meds and Hormones

    Bit of a backstory: I had been on testosterone because of a sever hormone imbalance. Like, my level was 220-ish/ngdl when normal is 350 plus. Late last year, I stopped the testo because I wasn't seeing any change in my libido and quite frankly, it's difficult to remember to take the shot for me...
  4. A

    Wrinkly/Scaly Foreskin Texture helpp

    PLEASEEE don't judge. I kinda wanted to avoid this but honestly i'm desperate to get this resolved. I tried a different site but there were no responses. So, the upper part of my shlong has like this weird texture. It doesn't feel weird, it just looks weird I guess. It's wrinkly like it has...
  5. C

    Erectile dysfunction due to porn

    Hello, I've been watching porn since I remember, my brain must be so fucked because of that. The problem is when I try to have a real sexual relation, even when I really like the guy, I can't hold an erection if I'm not constantly estimulating/touching myself and sometimes not even that is...
  6. J

    Butter Dawg | Jack Turco

    Jack Turco better known as Butter Dawg on social media is a social media influencer with a channel themed around Health, Fitness, and Lifestyle. Athlete on the Row Team at University of Wisconsin.
  7. D

    Is anal really pleasurable?

    Growing up I’d always had insecurities around women and admired other guys for their “masculinity “ . Gay guys might have picked up on my difference in personality and I got hit on, looked at, or propositioned in different ways by them. I remember their desire for me running through my body like...
  8. D

    Progress pics

    Dropping progress pics after a workout. Feel free to drop yours and we can hold eachother accountable! ']
  9. Inkbro Alchemy

    Serrapeptase Enzyme

    Do intense gym workouts have you in serious recovery pain? This natural digestive enzyme is a healthy alternative to non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. As people age, bodily changes can occur due to the production of cell-signaling chemicals known as pro-inflammatory cytokines, as well as...
  10. D

    Fit and 50 on YouTube
  11. L

    Naked weight loss progress pics

    Helping us all hold ourselves accountable with progress pictures. You can include your start weight current weight goal weight. Feel free to include age and height.
  12. U

    Testículo mas abajo

    Hola a todos. He empezado a notar esto y me es nuevo y no se si sea normal. Mi testículo izquierdo cuelga mucho mas que el del lado derecho, y parece que tiene cierta masa a su alrededor. Mas no lo puedo comparar con mi otro testículo por que tuve un problema desde bebe que no dejo a mi...
  13. M

    How often do you cum? and do you think that's common?

    Keen to find out the baseline here. How often do you release your loads? If it varies from period to period, what factors affect the frequency? How do you compare to your peers?
  14. RamblingCock

    Getting Fit at 60+

    Hey guys. I'm a 61 year old male who has been on a fitness trend after years of serious obesity from my late thirties until just a few years ago. I actively blog about it and related sexual issues on my blog The Rambling Cock. Recently I dropped below 200 lbs for the first time since the...
  15. H

    Open showers/ communal showers in Madrid or Spain?

    Hey, wanted to start this thread to discuss where we might find open showers in Madrid or good gyms/ lockers where people go nude.
  16. MuscleLove7

    Gym Progress Updates!

    Post your progress guys! Support each other
  17. P

    exercises for better sex life

    Hi! I know exercise / working out is good for health. But when we talk about sex, what kind of exercises help to improve performance? Please share vids or gifs.
  18. Big little story of two scars lines on my scrotum

    Big little story of two scars lines on my scrotum

    Hard to see it, but when the skin is heavily wrinkled during erection and sharp light falls at the right angle, all is visible. It's two scars lines on my scrotum, which I have after two medical operations. This way the surgeon saved my left testicle and fix right one for better reproduction...
  19. H

    How To: Reverse Kegel

    Hello everyone, I am finding hard to perform reverse kegel exercise, I cannot feel if I am releasing the muscles correctly or I don't know if I am doing them the right way. If I try to do the exercise, It seems like my abs or lower abs or the lower part of my abdomen/intestine contracts or...
  20. Matt Murray

    Testicular Cancer

    Has anyone on here had an experience with testicular cancer? I know this isn't the most exciting topic, but sharing experiences like this could help someone else out down the road. A few of the questions to anyone open to answering: How did you get diagnosed? Aside from feeling the actual...
  21. D

    I Hate To Ask People, But What Does “healthy” Mean To You?

    There have to issues, here.
  22. D

    Does Anyone Know If There’s A Jealousy Group For Being Real?

    I’m just wondering.
  23. A

    Post Your Boner Pic, Your Size (length And Girth) And How U Feel About It

    Hei guys, this is mean to be a group therapy thread, let’s try to keep it positive and sincere (don’t want to make it cheesy, so let’s be honest with each other). Wanted to further investigate the relationship we have with our cocks, especially in terms of size. How do you feel about it? How...
  24. J

    How To Get Fit (19 Yr-old)

    I'm a 19-year-old twink, about 5 ft 6 and 52kg/114lb - quite skinny but not emaciated lol I really want to start getting fit but I've never been to the gym and honestly don't know where the fuck to start With gyms being closed in the UK for the foreseeable future, I want some tips and...
  25. P

    Tight Foreskin

    Hey all. I have kind of a tight foreskin when I'm hard. It pulls down over the Head half way and kind of hurts then. I recently visited my GP and he gave me 4 options. Options 3 and 4 require a trip to see a urologist. 1) Leave it alone if its bearable. 2) A minor cream which might help to...
  26. W

    Sensitive Dick

    I have a really sensitive dick when my foreskin's retracted. I like to keep the tip covered but when i get sucked or a get handjob my foreskin retracts and it's hard for me to put it back. So it stays down throughout until I'm soft again when I can resheath. Does anyone else get this problem of...
  27. Ronaldo19

    Any Doctors Here?

    Hey Everyone, I was wondering if there are any healthcare professionals on this platform that are willing to chat for a bit? I have a family member that has a MELD score of 18, but is physically very sick. I have general questions/concerns regarding MELD score and general questions about how...
  28. S

    Prostate Enlargement Treatment

    Looking for any proven ways (excercises/activities/nutrition) to treat and prevent further prostate enlargement.
  29. D

    Circumcision Question/experiences

    Hi everyone I'm 18 and have phimosis, tried creams and steroid creams but to no avail. Doctor said I may have to consider circumcision. I'm in the UK so it's not that common here but I dont care about that aspect. My worry is, I frequently get uncontrollable erections throughout the day and...
  30. J

    Is This Safe To Do Assuming They’re Disease Free?

    Let’s say you’re bottoming in a threesome and the two other guys are both going bareback. You’re on your hands and knees with one guy behind you and one guy in front. Then they switch places and without thinking you start sucking the guy that was just inside you. Assuming you’ve cleaned out...