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  1. sportsmanc

    Sports Squads/bonding/differences

    Does anyone else love the bond and brotherhood of a sports squad? Love the male only space of a lockerroom and how varied the men are on the team. Different builds, colours, ages - knowing all of them regularly see each other naked. The variation is fascinating.
  2. H

    Open/communal Showers In Italy

    Do you know places where there are open/communal showers? Everything is cool: hostels, pools, gyms, whatever. I can start suggesting the "Acquaworld" water park in Concorezzo, near Milan. Open showers, you see the guys in front of you (not next to you tho). At the end on the day, many guys take...
  3. fitandhung7in

    Locker Room Boners

    I have a thing for locker rooms, and especially seeing guys hard or with semi's in the locker room. For those with similar interests, here's a place to post pics, videos, stories, and personal experiences involving erections in the locker room or gym showers. Pics and videos can either be...
  4. H

    Hockey/jock Bros

    Hey. 26 year old hockey jock looking for other athletic guys that play sports for some locker room talk. Would love a regular guy to chat with and get some of that locker room talk back since covid ruined my season. In wi if it matters!
  5. J

    Locker Room, Gym, & Dorm Room Stories/photo’s Or Video

    Looking to see if any other guys around my age have any real life stories, photos, or videos of their locker room, dorm room, or gym experiences. If you have pics or videos private message me. Or you can add me on Snapchat. Private message me for my username. Communal shower experience? Frat...
  6. A

    Gym Locker/shower Room Stories

    Anyone have interesting experiences in a gym locker room, sauna, or shower room aside from someone you outright knew? I have a few stories I can share. Went to a new gym. Locker room was decent, lots of space and mirrors. I’m bi, but I respect people who obviously just want to change and not...
  7. Il2wu51

    Discovering Cocks At The Y - Part 1

    Part 1 - The YMCA Weekday afternoons at the local YMCA were a great time to get in a focused workout because the gym was almost completely deserted. In fact, most of the members were businessmen and exercised either at lunchtime or after work. The building was old, but grand and work was...
  8. johnsirvaa

    Video Locker Room And Shower Vids

    Thread to shared videos of showering and locker room spy
  9. C

    Video Mccormick Ymca? In Chicago?

    Anyone would say this is the cruise place to be if you’re gay and want to enjoy some fun in the showers. McCormick Ymca . Meet in the showers
  10. S

    "reading" My Sauna/gym Shower Buddy (advice?)

    Hey gents, I'm new to the forum and am interested in hearing your thoughts and suggestions on how I might be able to better read and see if a hot Indian stud from my gym would be down for some play. I've been chatting it up with him since September '18, and have been trying to read and feel him...
  11. milo1730

    Are tight ridged cold balls are a turn on.

    Post phots of guys with cold ball. I love how ridged they become when cold or after swimming. Post your own or pictures you found on the net.
  12. milo1730

    90% to 100% straight guys chicago and suburbs roll call

    Looking to meet ( Maybe never meet face to face) , but chat with other guys living similar straight lifestyles. ( A bi curious or in the closet bisexual side never admitted to your real life social or work circle and never will!) This is a safe discreet group to meet like minded personalities...
  13. Barryitbarry

    7+ inches totally soft at the gym

    i just saw a new guy at my gym walking around the locker room with no towel. His dick was easily 7 inches long and he was totally soft and flopping. He sure wasn’t shy about it. I’d love to hear stories about similar locker room sights and, even better, if you’ve got your own example of 7+...
  14. milo1730

    Do any lpsg members belong to your health club? what gym do you go to?

    Its alsways nice to find a connection with people. In this thread please tell us : 1) what state do you live in? 2) what is the name of your Health club or Park district Gym you work out at? 3). What is your age? 4) How often do you go? 5) Tell is your experience with nudity in the...
  15. roundmidnight01

    After a good workout

    Had a solid upper body workout. Making good progress. 1487387 1487388
  16. D

    New on twitter !

    Hey guys I just made a new twitter where I can be a bit more exposed - requests/ideas for photos is more then welcome ! Let me know what you thing :p aka-vildere (@aka_vildere) | Twitter
  17. Strange016

    Long beach/cerritos nude spa hang out

    Hey there guys, 26 y/o slim guy here looking for friends who like to hang out nude. Willing to meet at a Korean spa sauna since it’s mandatory nudity. Not really looking for sex, at most jacking off together but mostly into nudism with other hot dudes. If interested let me know :) we can meet
  18. Y

    Wayne state gym openness - and college gyms in general

    I've been attending Wayne State, and just started attending the gym there regularly hoping to build up. One thing that's been slightly disappointing though is that nudity in the locker room seems basically nonexistent. It seems so weird to me that a place like this can't be more open. The...
  19. hung_cock_007

    Help me find this vid!!!

    Do any of you guys know what vid I am talking about. Its a group of men in a locker room. They are being led by this Latino guy who is "teaching" them how to massage. They all practice on each other and take turns. Slowly boners pop and things go down... ring a bell??
  20. JayPR

    Are communal or gang showers dissapearing?

    If you're over 35 or 40 years old, you remember when locker rooms at school, college or at the gym, included communal showers, also known as gang showers. Basically, it was a big spacious room with a lot of shower heads, no division or curtains, where everyone used to shower together. In the...
  21. ottosafado

    Etiquette to wash and dry the foreskin

    a question for the uncut guys. how do you leave your foreskins in an open shower or in the lockerroom? pull to wash and dry in front of other guys? Is there any etiquette to wash and dry the foreskin?