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  1. Multiple Pump Kits

    Multiple Pump Kits

    I've had the cock pump kit that I love for years, the one from Mr. S Leather with the brass hand pump. Since the pandemic I've had the opportunity to pump more at the office when no one is around or its quiet. I think I'll get a second kit to keep at home too. I found myself wanting to pump more...
  2. S

    Looking for Pumping Mentor/Teacher in WA/Seattle

    Hey -- In Seattle here and looking for a pumping teacher/mentor in Greater Seattle or even WA State. Fit, healthy, open to MMF, MFM, couple. Like mature.
  3. D

    How Pumping Affects Uncut Men?

    I've been wondering for some time if I would ever pump my dick of attempt to get some extra girth/length with a pump. But I've not really seen many uncut men who do pump (or at least many photos). How will pumping your cock affect the foreskin? Will it cause it to deform or cause discomfort...
  4. S

    What Pumps Are Safe In Regards To Plastic?

    I've been meaning to get into pumping for a while now... but I'm concerned I might not make the right choice in regards to the plastic the pump is made off of. I think it makes sense that I get started with a cheap pump off amazon, I just don't know whether it's really safe since we know certain...
  5. erik the viking

    Aussie Boy In Blue

    Hi all, 50yo MWM career police officer from Sydney, Australia. Not sure if I qualify for the (L)PSG but I'm working on it! 18cm and thick. Would be good to share some stories with men and women around the world, not just those on the thin blue line. I'll post some pics when I get a chance...
  6. luvbigfeetnmeat

    Socal Cock Pumpers

    Looking for other guys in the SoCal area who are into Penis Pumping. I'm new to it myself, and would like to perhaps find some guys who would like to pump together.
  7. UnCutBlackBull925

    Goal To Be Swole

    Want to get bodybuilder big with goal on stepping stage next year. I been looking at lot videos and finding a lot great subject matter anyways I was share with hopefully others to join in. I will do my best to accredit the guys
  8. GettingBigger9

    The One Thing That Isn't Talked About Enough In Pe...

    First off I want to say that even though I've been doing PE on and off for a few years I love this forum because I'm always learning something new. Or I'm relearning something that I've never considered trying or improving on, so for that I wanted to say thank you. And I feel that it's my time...
  9. altnorms

    Tit/nipple Play Skype Group

    Feel free to join: Join conversation If you'd like to share nipple stuff, or have fun playing on cam!
  10. B

    Stj Assembly

    Hey, guys. So I’m a first time full package pumper, and I’m following PumpToys’ instructions on making my own STJ pump. I’ve gotten all the materials and followed it so far, but I’m confused about connecting the tube to the modified jar spout. I have the fitting that comes with a ring inside the...
  11. twinkish92

    Bathmate Pumping, Skype

    Anyone wanna skype and pump? Share tips and tricks ?
  12. andresuncut

    Navy Dude — Pump Buddy?

    navy guy looking for a pumping buddy to pump with. i’ll be in mississippi for a while so if anyone would like to meet up, chat, or skype hmu (: 8” uncut, latino, 22 yrs old!
  13. biegeparlay


    How’s it going everyone? Well there’s a group on kik called “bathmate guys”. y’all are more than welcome to join. Probably give us some pointers and knowledge about them. hope to see you guys and gals soon.
  14. sizeking87

    Pumping Question

    Got a great pump from Thickwall cylinders, and had some success with it, but haven't been great at staying consistently disciplined. Main reason is: I'm under the impression that to properly pump, you need to be aroused... so I've only pumped when I commit to sitting down with porn and...
  15. I

    Best Beginning Pump?

    Hi all, I've been interested in PE for a while--tried jelqing (with limited, non-permanent gains) and over the last few months, I've done some basic research on pumping. I've got some extra free time right now, and I'd like to buy my first pump (and start my jelq routine up again). What...
  16. shirtlesshunk

    Photo Nathaniel Scott Wears Pump Underwears

    Inked lad from U-Kingdom Nathaniel Scott professional dancer and model goes shirtless and show off his tattoo wearing Pump underwear snaps by photographer Dan Collins.
  17. S

    Bathmate Hydromax X40 - Xtreme It's Enough For Me?

    I wanted to buy bathmate for years and now i found hydromax X40 - XTREME in a fine price. Will I increase my dimensions with this pump?. I have 20 cm in length and 15.5 in girth.
  18. 2

    Paloqueth Pump Results

    Let me start with a disclaimer, that this is not a promoting of a product (1. Because I’m not getting paid, 2. I’m not important enough to anyone to do so). This post is about the Paloqueth Manual Pump (Manual Vacuum Pump), and my brief experience with it that I think is relevant to anyone...
  19. 1

    Video Ids?

    Can anyone ID these two guys? Please and thank you. chest pump Greek Muscle
  20. J

    Have You Ever Tried Post Pumped Sex?

  21. 1

    Skin Peel With Pumping

    Anyone encounter their skin peeling after pumping? Is this indicative of anything, and what should I do differently?
  22. sizeking87

    Ideal Daily Pumping And Weight-hanging

    Looking for advice to refine my loose daily regimen... Got a nice Thickwall Cylinder pump (Penis Pump Enlargement Kit - Thickwall Cylinders Ltd), with two tubes: main one is length-focused: 9" long with about 1/8" clearance all around my shaft (easily pack the girth). second is girth-focus: 9"...
  23. Irishguy

    Insanely Hot Siliconed Balled Bodybuilder

    Anyone know who he is and where I can find more . Great job done on the silicone balls too. They hang really well. The cock looks like has some silicone too. He needs to do more of this show. Love to see it in more Bulge gear out in public or at beach Huge bodybuilder balls and cock
  24. J

    Has Anyone Tried ....

    has anyone tried HydroXtreme series?
  25. 0

    Photo 9 Inch Dick Pump

    Thought I'd post some taster pics from my onlyfans. My dick is just over 9 inches long and thick and I can take it all down my own throat. Check out my page to see what happens next to Hetty Onlyfans com/superc0ck
  26. italmuzlboy

    Top fucks bottom with pumped/sillicone/injected cock?

    Looking for fuck vids of tops who've pumped or that have silicone / pmma injected cocks. Hard to come by, but hot to see a bottom stretched good! :imp:
  27. K

    Showing off flaccid size in the sauna?

    I love to show off my cock to all the lovely people in our european, unisex, naked saunas. I always get looks from gay men / older women and I have seen some guys get hard and one 8/10 milf started flirting and asking about my size. Problem is that my flaccid size is very variable, some days I...
  28. BlkPumper

    Frot and pump. any takers?

    Enjoying what I'm seeing and learning. Feeling the need to Frot and Pump. Any takers?
  29. olinguito88

    How far would you be willing to go to make your penis bigger?

    My biggest interest is penis enlargement. I have used penis pump and gotten a hyaluronic acid filler in the past. I am also considering getting a surgical procedure in the future. I was just wondering how far the other fellows are willing go to enlarge their penis. Would you ever get...
  30. C

    Southwest burbs of chicago (joliet/ orland park)

    I've been a semi-casual pumper for about 2 years, and I’m looking to find someone local that’s willing to share ideas and techniques with me. This is not a hookup request as I am truly looking for a pump partner and PE buddy to help me learn more and share the experience. Hit me up if you are...